As a completely independent group of experienced advisors, IRG offers corporate governance review services that enable FRFIs to undertake gap analysis, benchmarking analysis and facilitated self-assessment reviews and otherwise comply fully with the OSFI Corporate Governance Guideline.

With a view to enabling FRFIs to jump-start the process, IRG:

  1. has issued a “Corporate Governance Self-assessment Questionnaire”.  The questionnaire is online, totally confidential, and absolutely FREE to complete (call us if you want to register to complete the questionnaire). This questionnaire assists FRFIs in conducting a self-assessment of their current governance practices. The results of the questionnaire can then be used by FRFIs to help benchmark their governance practices with those of their peers in the same industry;
  2. can assist your Board to conduct a self-assessment of the Board’s effectiveness and oversight functions.

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